Intrapreneur Magazine Issue 2, 2020


With the rise of an intrapreneur, we're starting to see the EiR become a role organisations are creating and embedding to drive the intrapreneur coalition of the willing community and impact. Universities like Harvard, and here to in Australia UNSW, UTS, and other universities along with even QLD / S.A GOV, and major corpporates like IAG, Westpac and Telstra are embracing the power of an EiR. Large organisations know they need to shift gears to innovate and it comes the intrapreneur who is the risk taker, the fail fast, lessons learnt mindset to GSD. This is the R&D, prototype, NPD engine room of these big monolithic beasts. Think UBank out of nab, think LaunchVic out of VIC GOV, think SPARK at Deakin Uni, think Panda Labs from WWF. An EiR and intrapreneur in residence is what more organisations need to bring to life. In fact, I am outward stating that I'm the EiR on one of my non-profit boards.



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