Intrapreneur Magazine Issue 2, 2020

I wont be isolated - Virtual health and wellbeing programs

Australians have been hit hard in current months by drought, bushfire , cyclone and now social isolation which can furthermore result in rising mental health exasperation.

Organisations to provide virtual programs for employees and their families to access in the home exercise and movement programs using common household items such as chairs, pool noodles, cans of baked beans etc.

The program will be aimed to deliver motivational and inclusive activities with varying degree of exercise for all family and community members, and offer virtual rewards such as advancing to a new level, joining more workplace groups, uploading their own activity ideas and suggestions or receiving virtual tokens and reshaping how businesses can stay connected with employees who may no longer have a face to face connection with peers. Each activity can be delivered by anyone in the workplace who may showcase one of their favourite activities such as squats on the dining chair, burpees holding the home work station, stretching when hanging out the washing....



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